Health Apps & Startup Technology Airlangga Generation 2.0 this time bring new joy on celebrating the higher level of competence build in mindsets, perspectives & either characters in the health-creative economy, especially in this era of Corona Virus Outbreaks.

Amazingly, in the global world, every inventors generating standardized significant satisfactions for health customers everywhere. Rapidiously awareness, knowledge, social & health impact prospective to be the main goals to uplift the value of Healthtech & digital transforming strategy in each units, clinics, & hospitals.

Start this year, Appreciating HASTAG AWARDS is one of the encouragement to those participants who uniquely called by HASTAGers.

The First will be 4 Winners of Pitching Battle competitions, we hope the next good opportunity for best startup would be optimally funding experiences.

And Second appreciations are The Winner of Best Incubators for Healthtech workfields, the goal is to upgrade the value of incubators to better understand that health field is one of the “must” concern for a better technology development in Indonesia.

Gathering enthusiastms of other category, Third we try to reach the upraising hospital concept design thinking of technology in hospitals, clinics or units, whereas nowadays high standards improved in “outside the box” thinking.

2.0 So, you should better be running to come at best on HASTAG 2.0 in 10 October 2020, we got you there HASTAGers!.


Interested with HASTAG 2.0?